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Dorothea Dix Lawrence in the Garden, circa 1902-1903.

Reina Lawrence took this photo of Dorothea Dix, her niece, playing in the garden when Dorothea was aged three or four. It was taken in the side yard of Reina’s home at  512 Stelle Avenue in Plainfield. Dorothea grew up to be a famous opera singer, folklorist, and recitalist. One of the most significant contributions she made to the world of music was publishing the book Folklore Songs of the United States in 1945.

Reina worked as freelance writer, contributor, and representative for Photo Era Magazine, The American Journal of Photography.  Through much of her career as a photographer, she produced silver gelatin prints from glass plate negatives.  Her photography celebrates Plainfield's architecture, gardens, and people. 

The Dorothea Dix and Reina Lawrence Collection is currently on display as part of the Library’s Notable Women of Plainfield exhibition. The exhibit will run through the end of May.

Photo ID: L1805 - Part of the Reina Lawrence Photograph Collection

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