The Plainfield Public Library
2007 Annual Photography Competition

"Plainfield - A Multicultural Community"


Over the last century, Plainfield has evolved from a quiet destination for vacationing New Yorkers to a bustling city with residents from all over the world. The 2007 Photography competition theme, "Plainfield - A Multicultural Community," highlights the variety of cultures that define our community.

About the Contest
Our Annual Photography Contest offers local photographers the opportunity to contribute to the building of Plainfield’s visual archives for future historians. Professional and amateur photographers of all ages are invited to enter up to five photographs of contemporary images of Plainfield, preferably in line with the chosen theme. 

In addition to making the contest's entries available online, they were also exhibited in the Anne Louise Davis Room and added to the Local History Department's Photograph Collection, which dates back to 1870.

The first two years of the contest resulted in the addition of over 100 photographs to the Photograph Collection. Thank you to all of our past participants!


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2007 Director's Choice Winner
Plainfield July 4th, 2007, #6
by Dan Damon


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