Reform Hall

In 1843 the Second Baptist Church dedicated this building, “a good and spacious house of worship.”  The congregation disbanded in 1875 but the building was purchased in 1884 by an organization called the Reform Club.  “Many were the rescues the club made from intemperance, and some examples today are among Plainfield’s well known citizens” reported the Plainfield Courier-News in 1905.  The building boasted a mural painted by Julian Scott at the time of its dedication.  It continued as the location of great activity, opening as the Orpheum Theatre in 1908 and hosting a campaign visit by Woodrow Wilson in 1910 that drew a reported crowd of a thousand within the hall. It was later owned by Calvary Baptist Church, and was finally razed in 1956 to make way for a parking lot.

reform news
Line drawing of Reform Hall
From Plainfield Evening News, August 19, 184.