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  • Fall: September 26-December 1 (register by Aug 31)

Interested? To begin the registration process, fill out this pre-registration form.

The Plainfield Public Library has a variety of training options to fit your skill-level and availability that you can access for free. Plainfield residency is not required. Courses and testing fees are covered by the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development and Union County Workforce Development Board & Union County Board of County Commissioners.

Our experienced instructors will:

  • Assess your existing levels of computer proficiency to target learning outcomes

  • Present real time online or in person instruction targeting specific concepts
  • Prepare you to take industry-standard certification tests for stackable credentials in computer skills.

  • Provide live online or in person support sessions.

  • Connect you with appropriate online content through the Library’s training resources

There is an option for you!


Show employers you have the skills they need. Offering both an intensive 4 day a week in-person and an abridged online evening program, our live classes will train you to get your IC3 Computer Fundamentals Certification and prepare you for Microsoft Office Specialist testing.

We offer a variety of different programs:

  • IC3 Day and Combined IC3/MOSPrograms: 8 weeks
    IN PERSON. An intensive 4-day per week course.

  • IC3 Evening Program: IC3 Evening Program: 8 weeks
    LIVE ONLINE. Three evenings a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday).
    These classes split the Computing Fundamentals and Key Applications/Living Online portions of the IC3 into 2 sets of evening sessions.

  • MOS Word and MOS Excel evening sessions (prerequisite: IC3 certification): 8 weeks, 1 to 2 evenings per week: Live ONLINE

  • Computación en Español:
    Clases presenciales en el Laboratorio de Computadoras. Tres noches a la semana (lunes, martes, miércoles)

  • Labor and Literacy Lab with Northstar self-paced instruction in the Library’s lab with in person Labor and Literacy Guide. 

Student class placement will be based on learning assessment and class availability/enrollment.

Digital Literacy Program,
908-757-1111 ext. 123

Self-Guided Training
Finally, you always have the option to work at your own pace and on your own schedule with the Library's self-directed training resources.

Looking for help with your Job Search?
Check out the Job Search Assistance page and
our LIVE Job Chat service!


Even if your schedule doesn’t allow you to attend classes, the Library has free self-directed options you can use to learn new computer skills.

The Library offers FREE online computer training via our Online Databases. (Downloadable Guide)

The Skill Surfer provides outlines for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and some computer languages. Live help is available 2-11PM, 7 days per week.

Go to BrainFuse's Help Now Enter your Library card number, then click on SkillSurfer, then Computer Technology.

Knowledge City has video lessons followed by an online test for Computer Basics, Microsoft Office, Operating Systems, and Adobe Creative Cloud among others.

Click on the Knowledge City Logo, then on Computer Courses to see your options.

Northstar Digital Literacy tests your computer skills and. You can build skills in key areas, and demonstrate your knowledge by earning certificates and badges. 
  • Computer Basics
  • Internet Basics
  • Email
  • Windows 10
  • Word
  • Excel
  • and other subjects

Stop by our Labor and Literacy Lab or email to find out more. 


Looking for more specialized training? Skillshare offers a wide variety of video based trainings!

Due to high value, the Library's Skillshare access is allotted on a month-to-month basis. Use this form to request access. When you are approved, you will be emailed a link and login instructions.

Other Free Computer Training Resources the Library Recommends
  • GCF LearnFree Technology
    This resource combines lessons including text, videos, and even interactive practice to learn computer and internet basics.
  • Khan Academy
    The Khan Academy's free online learning modules (with videos and self-tests!) allow you to master a wide variety of computing topics, including computer science. Try How Computers Work and Internet 101 to get started
Job Search Assistance

The Library provides a variety of Job Search resources including a LIVE chat option with a team member (including an option for Spanish speakers).


What if I forgot my PIN?
If you do not remember your PIN code (necessary for access to some services) and wish to reset it, please click on the "Your Library Card" link on the top right-hand corner of any page on the Library's website and select the red "Forgot my PIN" option.

How do I get a Plainfield Library card?
The computer resources used in our current classes are accessible to anyone with card from their NJ home library. If you live in Plainfield and do not have a library card or have lost your existing card, please contact the Circulation Department for assistance. If you do not live in Plainfield please request a a Library card from your local Library instead.

I do not wish to disclose my information to the Department of Labor/Union County AJC, would I be able to attend the class anyway?
In short, no. To keep these programs 100% free to the public, a large portion of the funding comes through grants from the Union County Workforce Development Board & Union County Board of County Commissioners. Providing that information to them is required to be compliant with funding conditions. Please contact us to discuss this if you have concerns:

Do I need Microsoft Office on my computer to join the workshops?
Depending on the class you may be required to use Office 2016 or Office Online (free). The IC3 class and some workshops whose description is related to Microsoft Office will require you to have Microsoft Office in order to get the most out of the Workshop.

Students attending class in person will be able to use the library’s computers to complete their class and homework; for remote online classes, a computer will be required.

I only have a tablet or a phone, can I participate in the online workshop?
For the IC3 programs, you will need to use a computer to participate in class work and complete homework. Day students will be using the library’s computer lab; evening students will need to have an computer at home.

What is the IC3?
IC3 stands for Internet and Computing Core Competency. It’s an industry-recognized certification of computer use competency. We are currently using the IC3 GS5. The GS5 certification is comprised of three exams: Computing Fundamentals, Living Online, and Key Applications. Passing all three exams earns the student the IC3 Digital Literacy Certificate. In addition to basic understanding of the Windows operating system, email, hardware, networking, security, and Internet use, it includes the basics of Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. For more information, visit the Certiport IC3 GS5 page.

What is the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) program?
The Microsoft Office Specialist exams/certifications are an industry-recognized standard for more in-depth understandings of Microsoft Office tools. Passing three “Core” or associate tests earns the student the Microsoft Office Specialist full certification. The library is currently offering live instruction for Microsoft Word and Excel, but registered students also have access to the study materials for the other Office 2016 Specialist tests and take those exams at no cost to themselves. For more information, visit the Certiport MOS page.

What is Northstar Digital Literacy?
Northstar Digital Literacy is a tool for learning and demonstrating “the basic skills needed to use a computer and the internet in daily life, employment, and higher education.” It includes both computerized pre- and post- assessments, as well as learning modules that can be taken online or presented by an instructor. We offer Northstar Digital Literacy as part of our programs as an introductory program for people working toward their IC3 as well as those who aren’t ready for the IC3 program. For more information about Northstar, see their web page.

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