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Adult Literacy Department

Get the Skills you Need! GED, ESL,
Digital Literacy, and more!

Since 1992, the Plainfield Public Library's Award Winning Adult Literacy Department has provided GED, ESL, and Basic Literacy Services free of charge to the residents of the Greater Plainfield area.




The Plainfield Literacy Partners is a community-wide network, connecting resources, volunteers, training, and support services. These include award-winning Basic Literacy, GED, ESL, Digital Literacy, and Citizenship Training, free of charge to the greater Plainfield community.

The Plainfield Public Library's Literacy Program is also proud to be partners in adult education with:

  • American Library Association
  • Dollar General
  • Grace Episcopal Church
  • Kean University Graduate School of Education
  • New Jersey Department of Labor
  • Rutgers University SALSA
  • Union County One Stops
  • United Church of Christ

Together we can:

  • Provide the skills necessary for adults to reenter the workforce and thrive in new economy jobs.
  • Give parents the tools to become involved in their child's education.
  • Help these "invisible learners" advocate for themselves.

We need you to support our clients as they seek to improve their lives, the lives of their families, and the vitality of the Greater Plainfield Area.

Join the ranks of committed public and private institutions that ensure the preservation and growth of Plainfield Literacy programs.

Invest your energy and resources in our students and be amazed at what they can then accomplish.

For more information on how you can help, contact the Plainfield Public Library Literacy Services Department at 908-757-1111 x122 or

Latest News

Literacy Department Cookbook Released
Volume 2 of the Literacy Department's "Melting Pot Cookbook" has been released! We are still accepting submissions for future editions.

Plainfield Public Library and NJ Department of Labor Partnership a Huge Success
The Plainfield Public Library's 2013-2014 partnership with the New Jersey Department of Labor was a great success. The Literacy 4 Jersey Grant allowed a substantial expansion of services for the Plainfield community including:

  • Expansion of computer lab services
  • Inclusion of self-directed training software into the learning model
  • Solidifying a mutually beneficial relationship with the Plainfield One-Stop Career Center

Producing almost 30 new GED graduates, the program helped many other clients to qualify for career training programs and to find new employment. While the program officially ended on June 30th, PPL looks forward to additional successful partnerships in the future with the State.



Services Offered

For more information about any of our programs, please call the Literacy Office at 908-757-1111 ext. 122.

Have a suggestion for how we can serve you better? Fill out our Suggestion Form TODAY!


The Plainfield Public Library offers free, useful tools to assist you with your job search. We are your source for resume and cover letter advice, interviewing tips, hiring resources, and job postings and provide LIVE job search assistance. We are committed to helping you reach your employment goals.

PPL's ESL program goal aims at increasing their students’ ability to participate in society be it through gaining citizenship, interacting with their children’s schools, or by obtaining job training and advancement.

PPL uses a combination of small-class instruction, conversation hours, events, one-to-one tutoring, and self-directed learning software, to help our clients receive instruction at a variety of times and in a variety of ways.

PPL also provides Citizenship Preparation classes and mock interviews for those preparing for citizenship.

Hablamos Espanol!

FREE GED and Pre-GED Test Preparation
PPL's Adult Literacy Department uses a mixture of small classroom instruction, one-to-one tutoring, and supplemental self-directed learning all aligned to the GED test. Classes are available at a variety of levels and times in Math, Reading, and Writing. Advance registration is required.

GED Testing Site
To better serve the community, the Plainfield Public Library, in cooperation with the New Jersey Department of Education, has been certified as an official GED testing site. More information on the GED test in New Jersey can be found at Preregistration is required and standard fees will apply. In order to register for the exam please go to

U.S. Citizenship Test Preparation
The Plainfield Public Library Literacy Program offers classes to  prepare students for their upcoming interview and citizenship test.

Each of our clients, depending on their needs and goals, is matched with a schedule and a combination of our available services after an intake and assessment process.


For a schedule of Job Search Assistance Center hours and programming please go to the Computer Training page.

How Can You Help?

The Plainfield Public Library's award winning Literacy program is seeking new volunteers to tutor small ESL, Basic Literacy, and GED prep classes. Training, curriculum, and materials are provided. No credentials or prior experience needed.

Your minimum commitment of one hour per week means:

  • A parent will now be able to read a note from his/her child's teacher.
  • Someone will be able to apply for a job.
  • An immigrant will become a citizen.
  • You WILL change someone's life.

Tutor Application

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