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Meeting Rooms

The Plainfield Public Library's physical meeting rooms are unavailable until further notice due to COVID-19.

There are two virtual meeting rooms available for use via Zoom. Please fill out the application form to reserve a room.

Meeting Room Application

Virtual Meeting Room Regulations

  1. The Library’s meeting rooms may be reserved for educational, civic, and cultural purposes, but not for sectarian, religious, or partisan political meetings.
  2. Virtual Meeting Room usage must follow the Zoom Terms of Service.
  3. All rooms must be booked in advance by submitting a Meeting Room Application.  Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and must be a member of the group making application. The person requesting the room must act as the host of the meeting.
  4. Do not enter the meeting room other than confirmed times, as other groups may be using the virtual meeting room.
  5. Approval for regular use of the room will be granted for once-a-week use for a maximum of three months, bi-weekly for a maximum of six months, and monthly, for a maximum of twelve months. Extensions may be granted at the discretion of the Library Director,
  6. All meetings must end no later than the end time on the application form.
  7. The Library is not responsible for any issues that arise during the applicant's meeting, and technical support is not available.
  8. The Library is not responsible for the content or activities that take place during the applicant's meeting. All activities taking place during the applicant's meeting must follow the Zoom Terms of Service.
  9. No admission may be charged under any guise.
  10. Groups/Individuals who book a room but do not cancel their booking within 2 library business days before the start-time of the event will not be allowed to make a new booking for a minimum of four weeks from the no-show date.
  11. Groups/Individuals who have 3 no-shows within a 12 month period will not be allowed additional bookings. A request to be allowed additional bookings will need to be made in writing and approved by the Library Director after a six-month period has passed. This also applies to City Departments and County Agencies. Approval of the additional booking request is at the discretion of the Library Director.
  12. Misrepresentation by any applicant concerning the sponsors, content, purpose and/or audience of any scheduled event will be cause for barring future use of the meeting rooms by that applicant and group.
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