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Curbside Service

Watch a
fun video to learn all about this new service.

It only takes a few easy steps.

  1. Place your order online via the online catalog or call 908-757-1111 x111.
  2. You will receive a notification via your preferred method (phone, email, text) that your item is ready. After you receive the notification call 908-757-1111 x111 to schedule an appointment for pickup.
  3. Come to the library at your scheduled time to pick up your items.
  4. Call the staff at 908-757-1111 x111 to let us know you are here.
  5. Wait in your vehicle or by the flagpole until your items are at the collection point and the staff member has returned to the building.
  6. Pickup your items.
  7. ENJOY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to borrow items at this time?

We are taking precautions to ensure that materials on our shelves and those that are returned to us are safe to be handled by members of the public.  Any returned items are not handled for the recommended period of 72 hours before they are checked in and reshelved. 

Pickups are scheduled so that people do not have to line up.  Signage will be put up to guide you during the pickup process.  If someone else is picking up an order when you arrive, please stay at least six feet apart. Masks should be worn at all times when you are outside of your vehicle.

Do not use this service if you feel unwell, or if any member of your household is sick or in isolation.

What can I borrow?

You can borrow any items currently available at the Plainfield Public Library (books, DVDs, audiobooks, etc.). Currently no magazines or museum passes are being loaned out.

Check the online catalog to see what is available to you. Interlibrary loan has resumed and you are able to request items from other New Jersey libraries.

What if I don’t know exactly what I want to order?

Call the Library so you can give us a general idea of what you like to read. Staff will then pick out a selection of titles that you will hopefully enjoy. You can call 908-757-1111 x112 for teen & adult materials and x129 for children's materials. If they don't answer just leave a message and someone will get back to you as soon as they are able.

How do I place an order?

There are two ways: online or by phone.  For each, you will need to know your library card number and PIN.

Online – The easiest way to place an order is to visit the library’s online catalog, find the items, and click the ‘Place Hold’ button beside each one you want. Regular item limits still apply.

Telephone – Call 908-757-1111 x111 Monday - Friday from 9AM to 5PM. If no one answers please leave a message and they will get back to you as soon as they are able.

How often can I borrow items?

We ask that, at most, you place an order once per week.  We don’t want you to make too many trips to the Library, and we want to ensure we can fill as many orders as possible as quickly as possible.

What if I don’t know my PIN?

Call the Circulation Desk at 908-757-1111 x111.  We will ask for your library card number and some other questions to confirm your identity and then reset your PIN.

Can I order items if I don’t have a Plainfield library card?

If you live in Plainfield you can sign up for a card by visiting the Circulation Desk during regular library hours. If you are a non-resident please contact your home library to see what services they are able to provide. Some services are available to members of reciprocal libraries. If you have any questions please give us a call at 908-757-1111 x111.

How many items can I, or my family, borrow?

Normal item limits per card still apply.

Can I ask someone else to pickup my items?

Patrons may have another individual pickup their items for them as long as the name of the person picking up the items is given to staff BEFORE the pickup occurs. This must be initiated by the patron requesting the items and not the pickup person. Patrons may only pickup for 2 library card accounts at one time.

How long will it take before I can pickup my items?

We will try to fill your request as quickly as possible, but it may take a few days depending on how many people use this service.  Also, it takes time for staff to gather and pack your items, particularly when we have to select items based on your preferences instead of a list of specific titles.  Please be patient!

How long can I borrow the items?

DVDs can be checked out for 2 weeks, all other items will be checked out for 4 weeks. Depending on the situation at that time, we may extend the due dates further. 

I have fines/charges on my account.  Can I use this service?

You don’t have to pay any outstanding fines before using this service while the library is providing limited service. Patrons who are blocked due to lost items must call the Circulation Manager at 908-757-1111 x116 to determine if they will be eligible for borrowing.

How are pickups scheduled?

In order to have only one person picking up at a time, pickups are scheduled at 15 minute intervals.

What happens when I pickup the material?
  1. Call the staff at 908-757-1111 x111 to let us know you are here.
  2. Wait in your vehicle or by the flagpole until your items are at the collection point and the staff member has returned to the building.
  3. Pickup your items.
  4. ENJOY!
Can I return my items?

Yes. All returns are being accepted in the bookdrop at the front of the main entrance. If you want to return items, please do it at the same time as you pickup your order. In that case, return the items first through the book drop and then go to the table. Do not place items you are returning on the table. Safety protocols require that staff do not handle returned material for three days. Please do not call the Library checking on why items are still on your record for at least 7 days after return. Depending on the volume of items it may take staff some extra time to process materials. No fines will accrue during the quarantine period.

What happens if I forget and don’t pick up my items at the scheduled time?

Call the library as soon as possible to arrange a new pickup time.  If we do not hear from you by 3PM the following service day, the items will be removed from your account and returned to the shelves so someone else can borrow them.

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